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Our beliefs are that the financial planning process begins and ends with each client's individual needs. Success is measured by clients' satisfaction, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Our investment philosophy is to actively manage assets, to provide superior risk adjusted returns, and remain fully invested through most market cycles.

Client Services

With Absolute Confidentiality, your privacy is always respected and kept in the strictest confidence.

Client Referrals

Clients that are referred to us with asset levels below our minimums are welcome to contact us. We are happy to extend our services to our existing clients friends and families. We appreciate your continued support of our company.

Investment Management Fee Schedule

Annual %


Account Balance


The firm retains descretion over negotiating fees.

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Investment Management

Investment Management - a comprehensive and flexible approach to the management of assets, based on diversification within asset classes. A wide variety of no-load financial products are utilized to attain goals.

401(K) planning and installation

401(K) planning and installation. We offer 401(k)'s plans to business from $1 million to $99 million in asset value. Our plans are compliant with ERISA's Section (408(b)(2) regulations. We offer over 2,000 funds from 60 fund families to insure you and your employees are receiving the best possible options within their retirement plans.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning - Clients' goals and objectives build the foundation for individualized financial plans. Clients' input determines objectives, establishes risk tolerance and targeted return dollars. Plans are monitored and updated to reflect the clients' changing needs. Financial plans are limited to clients whose investments are under the firms custody.

Tax efficient management of assets

Tax efficient management of assets - Assets held outside of retirement plans are monitored to maximize after tax returns. Pension plan distributions are part of the tax consideration process that goes into the appropriate liquidation of retirement assets.